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Everything I Know About The 2020-21 Hunting Season

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It's that time of year when waterfowl season doesn't seem so far away. It is now mid-July and temperatures are nearing 100 degrees, but die-hard hunters close their collective eyes and can already hear that ever so distant crescendo of geese calling to each other.

This year we will be flying blind on the population status. Because of Covid-19, biologists aren't able to do their usual studies. All I know is that the snow melted on time and there doesn't seem to have been any abnormal weather events since the beginning of June. This should bode well for juvenile goose production. Fingers crossed.

If the borders with Canada stay closed due to Covid-19, hunters will not be able to travel to Canada and hunt this year. This would also be a positive for goose hunters in the USA since the juvenile birds would not be hunted until they are inside the USA.

I can't think of a more Covid-free activity than goose hunting. When we are goose hunting, we are already wearing masks and gloves and we sit more than six feet apart in the field.

Wide-open spaces and young geese. What a combo! Let's go hunting!

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