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Best Goose Hunting in North America

This headline -- that is a very bold statement. But let me give you a few facts that back the statement.

First: Northeast Arkansas has the largest concentration of Snow geese and Specklebellies in the mid-continent goose population. Approximately 800,000 specklebellies and 2.5 million snow geese.

Photo taken by Chad Hartman, October 20, 2019 outside of Cash, AR.

Second: Very liberal limits. The limit on specks is three per day and a whopping 20 snow geese. That is 23 birds per man and although rare, it has happened. In 2017 we averaged 45 birds per hunt and eight birds per man. I would expect similar hunting this year.

Third: Unequalled experience and knowledge of goose hunting. My first goose hunt was in 1969. Most of your fathers weren't born yet. My guides are seasoned and grown men. They're not some young kid who owns a pick-up truck and 400 silo socks. Goose hunting is 90 percent perspiration and 10percent inspiration. This our life.

Fourth: Unequalled access to the best hunting property. Goose hunts are determined the day before while we are scouting. Just like real estate, goose hunting is three things: Location, Location, Location.

Fifth: We use the best decoys. We use silo sock decoys that are proven to be one the very best decoys on the market. To make things even easier, we have ATVS to get you to the preset spread. All you do is sit down, load your gun and get ready to have fun!

Check out our website if you want to book a hunt!

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