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Going Hunting This Season? Here's what you need to know.

So you booked and hunt, and now you need to know what to do next. We get it. It's exciting! Waterfowl hunting can be an exhilarating experience and you definitely need the right equipment when you go.

Here are some important things you need to know when you hunt with Third Coast Outfitters:

1. Dress Appropriately. For temperatures, water & for the wild.

Temperatures in Arkansas can be anywhere from 90 degrees to 25 degrees (see weather below). Bring lots of layers, t-shirts, insulated underwear, sweat shirts. Stuff you can peel off as the day grows warmer.

Bring waterproof clothes and foot wear. Chest waders are good to have. If you have them and don't need them, no worries. If you need them and don't have them, that can be a problem.

Ducks and geese see very well, so make sure you have camouflaged outerwear. This is agricultural land for the most part.

2. Bring the correct ammo and gun.

We recommend at least a 12 gauge with 3-inch chambers. Make sure the gun is incapable of holding more than 3 shots, including the one in the chamber. The only exception to holding more than 3 shots is during conservation season where you can hunt without a plug. During the regular season, a plug must be used.

We recommend 3 inch minimum, Ts or BBBs for geese, ones or twos for ducks. See manufacturers recommendations for equivalent energy in other non-toxic shot, like bismuth or tungsten.

All shells in your possession while hunting ducks or geese must be approved non-toxic loads (no lead shot). See this booklet published by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for more information.

You can buy shells when you get to Arkansas at the local Wal-Mart. Or you can have them shipped ahead to the goose straight from Cabela's or your favorite mail order store. Call Janell for a delivery address and be sure and put your name on the mailing label so we know which box is yours.

3. Licensing. You have to have a hunting license or a permit to hunt waterfowl.

Everyone needs a hunting license. The easiest way to get a hunting license is to call the Arkansas Game and Fish toll free number at 800-364-GAME (4263) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also go online at Online License Sales at

Arkansas $7 Waterfowl Stamp fee is also needed for anyone 17 years or older. HIP certification is needed for anyone hunting migratory birds. It is free but be sure to ask for it when you get your license, and make sure that it actually says "HIP" on your license.

Anyone 17 years or older and born after September 1, 1971 must also carry proof of having taken a state approved Hunter Education Class, and an approved I.D. (driver's license, military i.d.)

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