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How's the 2019-2020 Season Going?

The Waterfowl Season opened 3 weeks ago and we're off to a great start. Hunting is just that, hunting. It's not called shooting on purpose. We've managed to have some great days though.

Every season starts out with its challenges. Sometimes opening weekend is fantastic, and sometimes it's non existent. This year's opener was decent. The birds were still acting kinda funny and not quite in a landing pattern yet. We managed to have some good hunts and even a nice duck hunt.

In the second full week of the season, Arkansas closed for the Youth Hunt. Every year, we partner with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to host a youth hunting weekend. This year was no different and it proved to be a wonderful success. Ten year olds don't know how to shoot very well yet, so we didn't get a lot of birds, but we had a very enjoyable day. The kids were there with their parents, and they got to experience nature. Third Coast Outfitters got to let these young people experience hunting in a safe and responsible manner, which is really most important.

This week is the third week of the season. Sure enough, it has proven why we say this is one of the best weeks to go hunting. For whatever reason, the stars start to align around December 15th every single year. The weather starts to cooperate and we usually have more foggy mornings than we do in November. The winds change and the birds start to cooperate just a little bit more. This week, we've had some solid hunts. We also had some old friends and clients come hunt which made this week even more enjoyable.

So the season is proving to be a good one. Have you booked yet? We still have openings this season. Call 832-510-4667 to get on the calendar.

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