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I'm So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It!

In my last blog, I reported that there were high hopes for at least an average hatch for snow geese. I continue to receive from Canada reports and photos with lots of juvenile birds confirming this.

That's A Lot Of Gray!

The hatch may have even been above average, according to some of my sources. I am excited, to say the least.

Wow! Another Pic Of Lots Of Juvies

Snow geese just act different when there is high percentage of juvenile birds. They will trickle off their roost in smaller groups of five to 10 birds. This makes decoying easier.

In addition, juvenile birds many times will fly solo. And a lonely goose is a gullible goose. Long story short, successful and consistent decoying depends on juvenile birds.

When I'm writing this, Oct. 12, I am seeing reports of the first specklebellies arriving in the Mississippi delta. Also, I have received photos and reports of fantastic hunts in the Canadian Prairie.

The last time we had reports of abundant juvenile birds was 2017. That season Third Coast averaged 45 birds a hunt with an unbelievable average of eight birds per hunter.

If the reports of a good hatch and good juvenile numbers is all true (and it looks like it is), this year will be one of those great hunting seasons that only come around once every five years or so.

It’s time to get ready. Buy lots of shotgun shells.

This video of Specs was taken in Arkansas near Jonesboro on Oct. 12.

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