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January, He We Come!

We are approaching the end of 2019 -2020 regular season, it is time to reflect on an eventful one. After last year's disastrous season, we went back to killing birds on a regular basis. Limits of specklebellies were the norm. Weather permitting, we harvested snow geese and a few ducks.

The debut of the Green Machine exceeded my expectations. The tracks are a godsend not only do they not make ruts, but not once did it ever come close to being stuck sometimes with 6 people and a full load of decoys. Also the ride across rutted fields is much smoother, keeping decoys and clients clean.

   We were also able to add a new guide, Ryan. He's been instrumental in advertising and is hard working, dependable and personable. He is been a great addition to our team.

We usually discourage hunting in later Jan because of freezing temperatures, but this year, long term weather predictions don’t call for any Arctic air so the rest of the season should be prime for a great ending.

The Conversation Season begins February 1st.  We are really getting booked up for conservation season so get on the calendar now. Even though the season goes through April, we only hunt through the first weekend of March. We DO NOT like to take clients hunting when we don't think we'll get birds, and they typically start the migration home after that date. If you're ready to book, give Janell a call at 832-510-4667.

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