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Randy Triplett Honored With "Outfitter of the Year"

National Wild Turkey Foundation - Arkansas Chapter awarded, our own, Randy Triplett with Outfitter of the Year last night. Here is what they had to say:


Hunter numbers in decline. Funding for conservation in decline. Our hunting heritage is at risk.

These are the reasons why the NWTF has been a steadfast and committed supporter of the R3 mission in Arkansas. What is R3? It stands for the recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters, anglers, shooters, hikers…outdoor recreationists of all kinds. In order to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters to reverse the downward trend and help save our hunting traditions, the NWTF needs partners in the outdoor industry. RANDY TRIPLETT AND THIRD COAST OUTFITTERS stepped up to the challenge of partnership in a big way. We did not have to recruit Randy to the cause…he contacted us first to ask what he and his outfit could do to support the mission. Turns out he could do a lot. Six donated field goose hunts for new, young hunters in three years. That’s over 40 trial hunters in the field, having a safe, exciting, successful waterfowl hunt for the first time. Third Coast Outfitters provided everything: thousands of decoys in scouted fields; retrievers; professional guides and callers; safety orientation and lunch at the end of each hunt.

The owner, Randy Triplett, was born and raised in La Porte, Texas. He has a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science from Texas A&M University. Randy has been hunting geese in Texas for 47 years and in Arkansas for more than five years. Third Coast Outfitters has been in business since 1983. Third Coast strives to put clients on birds and practice good land management and use skilled guides.

Randy was born and raised on the Texas coastal town of La Porte. What time he didn’t spend playing football he spent hunting and fishing in rice fields, marshes and surf the Texas gulf coast has to offer. He has a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Texas A&M University.

His father did not like to hunt or fish, so two men from La Porte who were avid sportsmen and excellent role models – D. C. Dunham and Jack Hawkins – took him under their wings to mentor and teach him about the wonderful tradition of hunting and fishing.

Randy now has been hunting geese for more than 50 years, first in Texas and in the vast rice fields of northeast Arkansas. Though his two mentors have since passed away, Randy has never forgotten the lessons they taught him about outdoor sportsmanship.

Randy is the owner of Third Coast Outfitters, which has been in business since. Part of Third Coast’s mission is to offer opportunities for young people to hunt. Through the years he has sponsored many youth hunts through various state agencies and conservation groups. He encourages adult hunters to mentor the youngsters in their life to become responsible and ethical sportsmen by offering free hunts to kids under the age of 16.

“Hunting is not about killing,” Triplett said. “Hunting is about enjoying the sport, the experience and the outdoors. It is important to teach youngsters who are first learning about hunting to conduct themselves ethically; never kill indiscriminately, carefully follow the hunting and fishing laws – they are there to protect and conserve wildlife – and learn the correct way to handle, clean, cook and discard unused portions bagged game safely.”

Randy says his effort to teach conservation and ethical hunting is his way of paying it forward in remembrance of his mentors who had busy schedules and kids of their own, but still took the time to include him in their hunting and fishing excursions.

Randy is honored to receive the first annual R3 Outfitter of the Year Award from the Arkansas State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

“I am humbled by this honor,” Randy said. “Thank you very much. I thank the NWTF for all they do in helping the youngsters of today become tomorrow’s ethical- and conservation-minded hunters.

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