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It's That Time Of Year!

In a normal year, we would be getting lots of rumors and some facts about the snow goose hatch. However, 2020 is NOT a normal year! I did read an unconfirmed report on Facebook from Silosocks that there was an above-average hatch for all goose species.

I don't totally believe everything about this prediction. But the weather has been good for at least an average hatch. There have been two years of sub-par production, so you would think that birds would make a strong effort to reproduce. I keep track of temperatures in the breeding grounds, and they have been above normal. My prediction is the hatch will be average to above average.

Added to that, you've got to think that the absence of American hunters in Canada in the fall of 2020 will keep the young bird populations from thinning out before the migration to the lower 48.

I am excited about this year. I'm working on a new strategy to fool the wary white bird. If you have followed my blog you have come to the conclusion that I am 100% eat up with the pursuit of this white demon. This will be one of the years I get even with my nemesis.

Stay tuned for the next blog and we will discuss the new strategy.

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