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The Legend Has Legendary Puppies!

These pups are from a long line of highly skilled, well-trained hunting dogs. Many of the dogs in their bloodline are working hunting dogs (they hunt for outfitters or waterfowl hunting guides) while others have made excellent, intelligent and loving family dogs.


Our breeding program has strived to produce intelligent hunting dogs that are beautiful as well as superb, smart hunters.

Randy has trained and hunted every generation since Czanenary (Chodney), including Chodney's son, Charlie; Charlie's son, Chester; Chester's son, Chapman; Chapman's sons Chance and Chandler.


Sire: Third Coast Dante
Dante's father is Chapman
Chapman's mother was Isaiah Six Eight Send Me. She was a Senior Hunter. Send Me was owned by Hank Hough, founder of Kingdom Dog Ministries (


Dante's mother, Bailey's Midnight Express, comes from a long line of AKC champion show dogs.

Charro comes from a long line of Senior, Master and Master National Hunters.

Dam: Third Coast Charro
Charro's father was Troublesome Fullgrown & High Speed (yellow lab)
He is a Master Hunter and a Master National Hunter

Charro's mom is Dean's Lots of Spankin Marks
She is a Senior Hunter

This litter continues Chapman George Triplett's bloodline that goes all the way back to Czanenary (Chodney) Piez Triplett (1983).

Charro is a great female who we purchased as a puppy in 2019. Since Chapman was too old to breed to Charro (Chapman was at that point more than 14 years old), we bred her to one of Chapman's male pups, Third Coast Dante, owned by a friend of ours, Brandon Pellerin. Dante has the same dam as Chance and Chandler did, Bailey's Midnight Express

These puppies are sixth generation hunting labs

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