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Considering the excellent properties we have, experienced guides with top notch equipment and our a high success rate, it's no wonder that so much of our business is repeat business. Make a reservation today. Call 832-510-GOOSE.

We've got this down! Your guide will meet you at a central location depending on where the geese are. Typical meeting time is between 4:30-6:30 A.M.


You'll follow your guide in your vehicle to a pre-scouted field with a pre-set spread. Then while you are gearing up your guide will be preparing a 4-wheeler to drive you into the field.


Third Coast guides have top-of-the-line decoys, calls, ATVs and dogs to ensure a memorable hunt. Our decoy of choice is Silo Sock. They look realistic and go out and pick up easy. The guide will give a safety talk and then you will disappear into 1,000 plus decoys.


The guide is always in control of the hunt. Once he feels the birds are in range, he will call the shot. When the hunt is over, the decoys are picked up and packed for the next day's hunt, and then you are free to enjoy your afternoon.

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